Rakhi for Brother and Bhabhi: Honor the Protective and Loving Bond

Rakhi for brother and bhabhi – image courtesy – Giva Jewellery

The festival of Raksha Bandhan honours the relationship between siblings. On this day, sisters pray for their brothers’ happiness and well-being while tying a sacred string known as a rakhi around their wrists. In return, brothers promise to provide their sisters presents and shield them from all harm.

But did you know that rakhi is also for in-law sisters in addition to brothers? It’s true what you read. As a sign of affection and respect, many sisters often tie a rakhi around their bhabhi (brother’s wife). In North India, where bhabhi is valued as a member of the family and a sister’s companion, this custom is particularly common – Rakhi for brother and bhabhi.

Why Tie a Rakhi to Your Bhabhi?

Sisters tie rakhi to their bhabhi for a variety of reasons. Among them are:

– Bhabhi acts as a sibling-like support system, mentor, and caregiver for her husband’s siblings. She treats them as her own family and has a close friendship and love for them.

– In addition to being a protector, Bhabhi stands by her husband and his siblings when they are in need. She provides them bravery and strength as she aids them in overcoming their obstacles and problems.

– Bhabhi is a spouse and a companion who experiences the happiness and grief of her husband and his siblings. She congratulates them on their victories and anniversaries and offers them support during setbacks and disappointments.

– Bhabhi is a spouse and a companion who experiences the happiness and grief of her husband and his siblings. She congratulates them on their victories and anniversaries and offers them support during setbacks and disappointments.

Sisters can show their love, esteem, and thanks for their bhabhi by tying a rakhi around her wrist. Additionally, they recognise her place and influence in their life and wish her nothing but the best in the future.

How Do I Tie My Rakhi To My Bhabhi?

With a few minor exceptions, tying a rakhi to a sister is comparable to tying one to a brother. The steps are as follows:

– Rakhi, roli (red powder), rice, desserts, a diya (light), and water should be prepared for the thali (plate).

– By waving the diya in front of your bhabhi’s face and rubbing roli and rice on her forehead, you can perform an aarti (ritual) for her.

– Around your bhabhi’s left wrist, fasten a lumba rakhi. A unique kind of rakhi called a “lumba rakhi” or rakhi for brother and bhabhi features a pendant or tassel that hangs at the end. It is intended to decorate your bhabhi’s bangles and represent your relationship with her.

– Recite the prayers or wishes to God for your bhabhi’s happiness, luck, and all around good things as you are tying the lumba rakhi.

– Offer your bhabhi some sweets after tying the lumba rakhi because it’s customary to have some on important occasions. If you’d like, you can also give your bhabhi chocolates or dry fruits. – Give your bhabhi a warm embrace and wish her well.

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To Sum up:

Rakhi is a beautiful way to honour the protective and loving relationship you have with your brother and sister-in-law. It is an action that expresses your respect, admiration, and love for someone with rakhi for brother and bhabhi. Additionally, it is a custom that deepens and improves relationships within the family.

Don’t forget to tie a rakhi to your bhabhi this Raksha Bandhan so that she feels special. For your brother and bhabhi, get rakhi for brother and bhabhi online and be sure to surprise them with your thoughtful presents. Happy Raksha Bandhan!